Hello Friends and Followers,


I wanted to write this to let you know what is happening. I am currently moving lots of things around as far as my blogs and content go. When all is finished, this will result in a better experience for all users on mobile, tablet, and PC. I have neglected the mobile aspect of this site for far too long, not intentionally, but it happened.  Over the coming weeks, you will start seeing some improvements. You will be seeing more content than ever before offered here at 9 Deuce. I'm working with numerous people on numerous aspects, and by October, we should be going at full speed. Blogger will soon be a thing of the past in regards to 9 Deuce. Their mobile site is far from optimal, and you guys deserve better.  As some of you may know, I am looking for people to contribute to the site. Right now, it's via blogs and top 5 lists, but that's just the beginning.  There is a nice contact form, and if you don't know me personally, reach out to me,  please. Please keep checking back here for updates, and join my Facebook group, there's a link in the upper left corner.  Right now, the RSS Feed is not up and running. Some of the links lead nowhere. At the moment, The Television links, the Gallery, and the Contact Us form is working. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by. This is site is going to become what it was always meant to be very soon, and quite honestly, I'm pretty damn excited. Please enjoy Superhero September as that will be the focus of numerous blogs this month starting next week. Have a Happy 9 Deuce!